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Grow with a team that only

makes money when you do.

Grow with a team that only makes money when you do.



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(If you are Selected After Applying)

We could be your team... creating tangible revenue growth in hours not weeks or months.

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CServ Austin

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Legacy Precision HVAC


Putnam Fuel

Home Fuel, Oil, Service & Plumbing

Ice Dam Shield

Monitoring & Prevention

Disney Institute

Cabot Cheese

Velcro USA


100's More.

Why Does It Work.

Revenue Growth Strategies.

  • Market Expansion

  • Pricing Optimization

  • Product Diversification

Profitability Improvements Tactics.

  • Cost Reduction Initiatives

  • Operational Efficiency Enhancements

  • Margin Improvement Efforts

The Short Story... Put On Your Seat Belt & dream Just a Little Bigger.

By focusing on the above items and our special sauce, we move fast to create quick wins so you can keep more money, make more money and upgrade yourself as an owner. It's fun, it's energizing... and we're the only one's who do it like this. Think 'Good Will Hunting' meets 'Richard Branson' combined with the very best version of yourself.

You Focus On What You Do... And We Will Do What We Do.

Hundreds of Real Life Success Stories.

Over 33 Years Of Building Businesses

Darryl J.

John M.

Thomas B.

Manny S.

Leon S.

Keith M.

“I’ve nearly doubled my income in just 2 months since working with Nate, which I can honestly say happened hand in hand with my 56lbs of weight loss in the same amount of time. My wife loves her new hubby and hubby is lovin’ the lovin’!”

Dan R.

“In the beginning, before starting the process with Nate I realized I was really not totally committing to anything other than working and grinding it out… and I wasn’t sticking to my plans despite how important it was to me and here I am at 30 days and I feel like I’m totally committed and doing all these things that are changing my life and my business. My energy is incredible and so is the progress!”

Ron S.

“If you have the chance to work with Nate Lindquist – take it… and you’ll be tapping into a fresh, innovative approach that builds real momentum in your business.”

David B.

“There were pieces of our business’s marketing system that just weren’t coming together and Nate’s system plugged in experts who just made it happen. You can add to that he’s just great to work with and knows who and what works.”

Ray G.

“Nate, I’d like to thank you for all of your hard work and the time, wisdom and knowledge that you have given to Eric and I and our Spa Business. We really have enjoyed working with you, you are fantastic at what you do and our time spent with you has been invaluable.”

Sheridan W.

“Our business started growing over 30% per quarter in only 2 months after we began getting the coaching from Nate. That was after we were 7 figures upside down. We’re quite profitable and have grown more than 30% several quarters in a row – thanks to Nate and his GIFTS Formula.”

John M.

“I didn’t know I was on a mission in my business, but now it’s the first thing I think of in the morning! That’s it. I Loved this training! Nate’s cares so much and it shows. My wife and I are forever grateful at our growing passive income business and my shrinking waist line. ”

Paul K.

“When I first met Nate and I was incredibly overwhelmed –Just knowing how to focus on my one business quest and make progress as a Minimalist CEO has changed the game. There’s no more BS excuses. It just works and I don’t have to be the one who has all the answers.”

David P.

“Every day I would go to work and go through the motions with very little enthusiasm or sense of purpose and my low energy was spilling over into my relationships. Now I literally jump out of bed excited at all the progress I’m making in my business.”

Mark C.

No More Guessing.

If you are selected to work with the Minimalist CEO, we guarantee that your Top Line Revenue and Bottom Line Profit will increase. The leadership team has over 25 years each of successful results.

In Our World... Evidence Creates Confidence.

Does This Sound Like You?

(You don't Want To Learn It... You Just Want It Handled)


You're dead serious RIGHT NOW to overcome business obstacles hindering your progress, even after exhausting various solutions. Yet, you're uncertain about the root causes and the next steps forward ('fire drills' and distractions keep you too busy):

  • You've had some success and want more now... without waiting, non-sensical or complicated training programs, trying stuff that wastes time and money.

  • You want Improved cash flow confidence: Analyze cash flow patterns. Improve invoicing and collections. Negotiate better terms with suppliers.

  • You're frustrated by underperforming team members: Conduct performance reviews. Provide clear feedback and support. Align compensation with performance.

  • Headaches from family as staff (expectations, special treatment, some want out): Establish clear performance expectations. Seek impartial advice for tough decisions.

  • Clunky operations need smoothing out (too much reinventing the wheel): Implement standardized processes. Invest in training and technology and encourage feedback for continuous improvement.

  • You're unsure what the future holds: Exit strategy, retirement design, maximize return from what you've built. Develop a comprehensive plan with advisors. Explore succession planning and investment diversification.

  • You're sacrificing too much for the business (family time, missed magic moments): Delegate tasks and responsibilities. Prioritize high-impact activities. Consider outsourcing non-core functions. Make your health and self care a priority. Create leading edge experiences outside the business.

  • You're unsure what explosively valuable opportunities are right under your nose: Identify untapped potential and '30 day revenue multipliers'. Explore proven alternative growth strategies. Consider strategic partnerships and high leverage expansion models.


You demonstrate a readiness to delve beneath the theoretical frameworks, concepts, and grand narratives, focusing instead on the essential details that drive tangible, meaningful



You seek a keen desire to seek strategic guidance from seasoned leaders renowned for their expertise in building, scaling, acquiring, and revitalizing businesses, with a proven track record of rapidly and efficiently boosting top-line revenue.


You need absolute clarity derived from a quality, experience-based assessment process designed to reveal the full scope of business challenges, strengths, opportunities - and your shortest, most precise path to simplifying and strengthening how your business thrives.


You’ve built a business foundation and recognized that there are aspects yet to be explored. Eager to uncover possibilities, you are enthusiastic about what my business can really be.


You are fully dedicated to accepting complete responsibility for pushing your business's trajectory and are prepared to invest in its growth.

There are 33.2 Million Small Businesses in The USA...

They're All Unique In Their Own Way

'Their Problems Are NOT.'

Why This Solution Is Different.

Solving your business problems should REMOVE risk and complication, not add it. With this minimalist approach as a central model, we help solve the core 15 to 20 problems that once addressed have helped us take a handful of clients even into the 8 and 9 figures of top-line revenue - just as an example.

As a business owner, you don’t have time or money to waste and you’re already super busy leading your team and all facets of your business to grow and achieve goals - not to mention creating a life in the process. Lengthy training, pre-packaged “best guess” coaching or consulting is a recipe for serious problems or worse… going backwards and/or losing critical momentum for all stakeholders - including you, your team, your family, your customers and the communities you serve.

Are you ready to start?

Many coaches and consultants claim they can address your goals and challenges, yet often lack a comprehensive grasp of your present circumstances. They expect you to take a gamble on their services, without sharing the risks. In contrast, we operate differently. Our clients remain with us for years because we treat them as strategic partners, fully invested in their success. With a genuine stake in the outcome and a commitment to achieving tangible results, we forge lasting relationships. We don’t make money until you do!


Businesses Created, Launched & Supported


Years of Experience (each) Impacting Business


Topline Revenue Combined


Charity Outreach Programs

Executive Leadership.

Meet Nate Lindquist

'The Minimalist CEO'

CEO & Founder

  • 33 years of business building (since 1991) launching over 300 businesses throughout the United States.

  • Turnaround expert, helping many clients nationwide grow from near bankruptcy to high 7 and 8 figures.

  • Best selling author, Excuse Removal Blueprint - 2nd Edition.

  • Global business coach, strategist, speaker & trainer and creator of The Minimalist CEO & The Minimalist CEO Podcast.

  • Launched 24 charitable outreach programs in the USA and globally.

  • Consultant to Major brands such as Velcro USA, Cabot Cheese, Barnes & Noble, Bigelow Tea & Disney Institute to name just a few.

  • Grateful husband and father to his 6 wonderful kids.

Meet Steph Karlstad

COO & Partner

  • 25 years buying, building, growing and optimizing businesses globally from the ground up to over $150Million in topline revenue.

  • Mentored managers into executive leaders of companies and divisions.

  • Expert forecaster utilizing economic insights and indicators to predict critical business pivots.

  • Led in senior executive role at Menard’s home improvement supporting manufacturing, divisions and business investments through logistics, automation, leadership, vendor relationships, marketing, overall process development and performance optimization.

  • Proud mother other of 2 amazing kids.

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